No. Title  Format  Size
PSC General Forms
1. GP142 PDF 88.0KB
2. Police Clearance and Medical Examination Form PDF 980KB
3. Statutory Declaration Form PDF 436KB
4. PSC Leave Form    
PSC Training and Workforce Development Forms
5. Service Examination H Application Form PDF 200KB
6. Application for Tutors (Service Examinations)  Word.doc 41.5KB
7. TNA/TNS Forms Word.doc 59.5KB
PSC Loan Recovery Forms
8. Request for Approval to Travel Abroad Application Form (PSC Loan Recovery) PDF 216KB
PSC Office Accommodation & Government Housing Forms 
9. Rental of Government Quarters Application Form PDF 64.0KB
    PSC Service Excellence Forms
10. Service Excellence Awards Agency Application Form Word.doc 240KB
11. Service Excellence Awards Evaluator Application Form Word.doc 276KB