No. 01/2015                           
DATE: 15th January, 2015

ADVERTISEMENTS must be submitted on plain paper together with GP Form 140 for each vacancy.

APPLICATIONS for vacancies must be made on GP142 Form stating the appropriate reference number and submitted via the Head of the Employee's Department. All applicants must include their Curriculum Vitae (CV) with GP142 Form.
GP 142 Form can be downloaded from our website:

CLOSING DATE for all applications for the posts advertised in this circular will be 14 days from the date of publication shown above. Late applications will not be considered.

JOB DESCRIPTIONS Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Ministry or Department concerned.

CIRCULATIONS Permanent Secretaries and Head of Departments are to ensure that copies of this circular are made available to all employees by distributing them as widely as possible. A copy should be placed on the Ministry/Department's Notice Board. Those going on in-service training abroad should make arrangements to be informed of matters of interest to them.

RECRUITMENT AND PROMOTION POLICY The Fiji Public Service is an equal employment opportunity employer and vacancies are opened to all Fiji citizens. The following extracts from the 2013 Constitution of the Republic of Fiji, Section 127 (8) (b) should be considered in all cases.

“(b) The qualification requirements for appointment and the process to be followed for appointment, which must be an open, transparent and competitive selection process based on merit.”

APPOINTMENT AND PROMOTION The following extracts from Regulation 5 of the Public Service (General) Regulations, 1999 should be carefully observed by all recommending employees.

Subsection (1): The appointment or promotion of a person to an office pursuant to Part 6 Section 12 of the 2013 Constitution Section (8) (b) must be made on the basis of merit after an open, competitive selection process.

Subsection (2): An appointment or promotion may only be made if -

(a) the vacancy in the office, or a vacancy in an office with the same duties, was notified in a Public Service Official Circular within the last year as open to any citizen of the State;

(b) an assessment has been made of the relative suitability of the candidates for the duties, after interview or using another competitive selection process;

(c) the assessment was based on the relationship between the candidate's work-related qualities and the work-related qualities genuinely required for the duties;

(d) the assessment focused on the relative capacity of the candidates to perform the duties.

Subsection (3): The following work-related qualities may be taken into account in making an assessment referred to in sub regulation (2): -

(a) skills and abilities;
(b) qualifications, training and competencies;
(c) standard of work performance;
(d) capacity to perform at the level required;
(e) demonstrated potential for further development;
(f) ability to contribute to team performance.

Subsection (4): Sub regulation (3) does not prevent any other relevant matter being taken into account.

Subsequently in accordance with the 2013 Constitution of the Republic of Fiji, Section 127 (8) will be effective 1st January, 2014 vide PSC Circular No. 57/2013.


Parmesh Chand
                                                                 Permanent Secretary for the Public Service

Applications on completed GP 142 Form for the following posts should be addressed to:

The Chairman
Public Service Disciplinary Tribunal
P O Box 2136
Government Buildings



The officer should be able to provide effective advice on accounting and financial matters to the Chairman, PSDT through the Principal and Senior Administrative Officers. He or she should also be able to perform the following duties. Facilitate the effective management and disbursement of capital and operating funds for the operations of the PSDT, and exercise control over commitment and expenditure in line with its budgetary provisions. Ensure the security of funds and the maintenance of correct records of financial assets. In consultation with Management, formulate the annual budget proposal for submission to the Ministry of Finance, and ensure that expenditure and commitment are aligned with the budgetary provisions. Timely compilation and submission of financial returns as required. Undertake monthly bank reconciliations and submit updated financial reports to the Chairman. PSDT through the Principal or Senior Administrative Officers. Facilitate audit inspections and formally respond to audit queries in consultation with the Principal and the Senior Administrative Officers, and also in addressing issues raised by the Public Accounts Committee. Ensure that a Departmental Manual and financial instruction is compiled and observed in the PSDT. Ensure that all purchases and payments are made in line with financial regulations as stipulated in the Financial Instructions and institution manual.

Qualification: An undergraduate Degree in Accounting/Finance/Commerce from an accredited University. Appointee must have relevant experience in an accounting environment. A pass in Government Exams, H1, H2 and U, along with Government accounting system experience and MS Office skills would be an advantage.

Salary: AC04 $21,497 - $26,215


The position reports to the Assistant Accounts Officer in ensuring the provision of administrative tasks to support the Assistant Accounts Officer in the effective, quality and timely discharge of the accounting, finance and fiscal functions and responsibilities of PSDT. The incumbent should ensure the following maintenance of financial and accounting records including general ledger data entry. The incumbent should ensure all approved payments are made in accordance with financial instructions and regulations in force and process payment of wages, salaries and allowances, including payment of FNPF and PAYE when required. Submit payment vouchers in conformity with the FMIS requirements and complete with relevant source documents, to the Assistant Accounts Officer. On the instruction and advice of the Assistant Accounts Officer, facilitate the writing of cheques for signing by the PSDT cheque signatories. Ensure that all payments are duly recorded and financial records balanced accordingly. Update and balance cash book, collect bank statements, prepare bank reconciliation reports. On the advice of the Assistant Accounts Officer, write LPOs for signing by the Accounts Officer. The position also prints weekly payrolls, prepares wages payment vouchers and carries out lodgement of wages cheques to the relevant banks, proper filling of timesheets and other documents. Maintain commitment and expenditure ledgers.

Qualification: A pass in Fiji Seventh Form Examination [FSFE] or equivalent.

Salary: SS05 $12,659 - $19,005
Applications on completed GP 142 Form for the following posts should be addressed to:

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Rural & Maritime Development & National Disaster Management
P O Box 2219
Government Buildings



The incumbent is responsible to the Permanent Secretary through the Deputy Secretary to facilitate, coordinate, and formulate policies to support the Ministry’s development programmes. The incumbent will be responsible for the formulation and review of the Ministrys’ polices and will provide advice and commentaries on the impact of sectorial policies on the programmes of the Ministry and propose strategies for the alignment of Ministry polices to those of other sectors to support the overall visions of government. The Director will provide overall direction and guidance to the research and planning, monitoring and evaluation and the rural housing units of the Ministry. As such the incumbent will be required to analyze the effectiveness of the Ministry development progammes and initiate research into best practices and international standards to enhance the delivery of services and ensure that citizens derive the maximum benefit from those programmes. Specifically the incumbent will be responsible for all policy matters of the Ministry including the development and review of policies, drafting Cabinet Papers, Speeches and Statements, monitors and provides updates on the implementation of Cabinet Decisions, the development and implementation of the Ministry’s Strategic and Corporate Plan and monitor their implementation, manage development related information, and oversee the development and implementation of Divisional Development Plans. Additionally, the incumbent will develop and drive initiatives to strengthen partnerships with other government agencies, non-government organsiations and regional and international organization in furtherance of government’s and the Ministry’s developmental aspirations.

Qualification: Must have experience at Management level. Translates the strategy into operational goals and creates a shared sense of shared purpose within organisation. Engages others in the strategic direction of the work area, encourages their contribution and communicates expected outcomes. Undertakes objective, critical analysis and distils the core issues. Presents logical arguments and draws accurate conclusions. Anticipates and seeks to minimise risks. Breaks through problems and weighs up the options to identify solutions. Explores possibilities and creative alternatives. Values specialist expertise and capitalises on the knowledge within the organisation as well as consulting externally as appropriate. Manages contracts judiciously. Contributes own expertise to achieve outcomes for the organisation. Builds and sustains relationships with a network of key people internally and externally. Recognises shared agendas and works towards mutually beneficial outcomes. Anticipates and is responsive to internal and external client needs. Adopts a principled approach and adheres to the Public Service Values and Code of Conduct. Acts professionally and impartially at all times and operates within the boundaries of organisational processes and legal and public policy constraints. Operates as an effective representative of the organisation in public and internal forums. Confidently presents in a clear, concise and articulate manner. Translates information for others, focusing on key issues and uses appropriate, unambiguous language. Selects the most appropriate medium for conveying information and structures written and oral communication to ensure clarity. Approaches negotiations with a strong grasp of the key issues. Understands the desired objectives and associated strengths and weaknesses. Anticipates the position of the other party, and adapts approach accordingly. Encourages the support of relevant stakeholders. Encourages debate and identifies common ground to facilitate agreement and acceptance of mutually beneficial solutions. Must have a first degree in the relevant field.

Salary: US04 $49,813 - $59,240

Public Service Commission
16/2014 776/2014 Executive Officer (Registry) - Sideway transfer
Ministry of Immigration and National Security & Defence
19/2014 863/2014 Manager National Security Division – reorganization in Ministry
For further enquiries of advertised vacancies please contact the respective Post Processing Managers of Ministries and Department.

However should you require additional information do not hesitate to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone Mrs. Uma Prasad on 3314588 ext 278 of the Public Service Commission.
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