No. 18/2015                           
DATE: 30th September, 2015

ADVERTISEMENTS must be submitted on plain paper together with GP Form 140 for each vacancy.

APPLICATIONS for vacancies must be made on GP142 Form stating the appropriate reference number and submitted via the Head of the Employee's Department. All applicants must include their Curriculum Vitae (CV) with GP142 Form.
GP 142 Form can be downloaded from our website: 

CLOSING DATE for all applications for the posts advertised in this circular will be 14 days from the date of publication shown above. Late applications will not be considered.

JOB DESCRIPTIONS Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Ministry or Department concerned.

CIRCULATIONS Permanent Secretaries and Head of Departments are to ensure that copies of this circular are made available to all employees by distributing them as widely as possible. A copy should be placed on the Ministry/Department's Notice Board. Those going on in-service training abroad should make arrangements to be informed of matters of interest to them.

RECRUITMENT AND PROMOTION POLICY The Fiji Public Service is an equal employment opportunity employer and vacancies are opened to all Fiji citizens. The following extracts from the 2013 Constitution of the Republic of Fiji, Section 127 (8) (b) should be considered in all cases.

“(b) The qualification requirements for appointment and the process to be followed for appointment, which must be an open, transparent and competitive selection process based on merit.”

APPOINTMENT AND PROMOTION The following extracts from Regulation 5 of the Public Service (General) Regulations, 1999 should be carefully observed by all recommending employees.

Subsection (1): The appointment or promotion of a person to an office pursuant to Part 6 Section 12 of the 2013 Constitution Section (8) (b) must be made on the basis of merit after an open, competitive selection process.

Subsection (2): An appointment or promotion may only be made if -

(a) the vacancy in the office, or a vacancy in an office with the same duties, was notified in a Public Service Official Circular within the last year as open to any citizen of the State;

(b) an assessment has been made of the relative suitability of the candidates for the duties, after interview or using another competitive selection process;

(c) the assessment was based on the relationship between the candidate's work-related qualities and the work-related qualities genuinely required for the duties;

(d) the assessment focused on the relative capacity of the candidates to perform the duties.

Subsection (3): The following work-related qualities may be taken into account in making an assessment referred to in sub regulation (2): -

(a) skills and abilities;
(b) qualifications, training and competencies;
(c) standard of work performance;
(d) capacity to perform at the level required;
(e) demonstrated potential for further development;
(f) ability to contribute to team performance.

Subsection (4): Sub regulation (3) does not prevent any other relevant matter being taken into account.

Subsequently in accordance with the 2013 Constitution of the Republic of Fiji, Section 127 (8) will be effective 1st January, 2014 vide PSC Circular No. 57/2013.


                                                                                                              Parmesh Chand
                                                                                            Permanent Secretary for the Public Service

Applications on completed GP 142 Form for the following posts should be addressed to:

The Permanent Secretary
Office of the Prime Minister
P O Box 2353
Government Buildings



The incumbent is to provide proper policy advice to the Deputy Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister on matters relating to Small Grant Scheme, Minority Groups, Melanesian Vasu i Taukei, Rotuma Island Council, Rabi Council of Leaders and Kioa Island and in the timely implementation of related projects; facilitate the efficient and effective implementation of overseas donor assisted projects through the proper documentation of agreements, implementation, monitoring, reporting and the commissioning of all Chinese Grant in Aid capital projects; assist line agencies in the coordination, facilitation in the implementation, monitoring, reporting and commissioning of Chinese Concessional loan projects; ensure that all required activities in relation to proper allocation and utilization of resources, human, financial and material are distributed appropriately to address the needs of the Development Cooperation & Facilitation Division (DCFD) to meet identified outcomes; ensure that targets in the ACP are regularly monitored and the same is reflected in the DCFD Business Plan and later collated for reporting on a quarterly basis; ensure that Service Excellence principles are articulated into the DCFD work systems and processes by identifying weaknesses and strengths, opportunities and challenges in the hope to bring about operational improvement; assist in Working Committees for generally stated OPM objective e.g. Constitution and any other subjects assigned - review of the Social Justice Act, Leadership Model, Anti-Discrimination etc.

Qualification: An officer must have experience at Management level. Translates the strategy into operational goals and creates a shared sense of shared purpose within organization. Engages others in the strategic direction of the work area, encourages their contribution and communicates expected outcomes. Undertakes objective, critical analysis and distils the core issues. Presents logical arguments and draws accurate conclusions. Anticipates and seeks to minimize risks. Breaks through problems and weighs up the options to identify solutions. Explores possibilities and creative alternatives. Values specialist expertise and capitalizes on the knowledge within the organization as well as consulting externally as appropriate. Manages contracts judiciously. Contributes own expertise to achieve outcomes for the organization. Builds and sustains relationships with a network of key people internally and externally. Recognizes shared agendas and works towards mutually beneficial outcomes. Anticipates and is responsive to internal and external client needs. Adopts a principled approach and adheres to the Public Service Values and Code of Conduct. Acts professionally and impartially at all times and operates within the boundaries of organizational processes and legal and public policy constraints. Operates as an effective representative of the organization in public and internal forums. Confidently presents in a clear, concise and articulate manner. Translates information for others, focusing on key issues and uses appropriate, unambiguous language. Selects the most appropriate medium for conveying information and structures written and oral communication to ensure clarity. Approaches negotiations with a strong grasp of the key issues. Understands the desired objectives and associated strengths and weaknesses. Anticipates the position of the other party, and adapts approach accordingly. Encourages the support of relevant stakeholders. Encourages debate and identifies common ground to facilitate agreement and acceptance of mutually beneficial solutions. Must have an Academic Degree in the relevant field.

Salary: US04 $49,813 - $59,240


The incumbent will assist, contribute and coordinate planned efforts to maximize inputs from the media division by writing features, media releases and supplements in print media, and participating in the talk-back shows; assist and contribute towards the development of necessary information to assist the Public Relations Officers with Public Relation activities by conducting research on assigned topics and preparing brief papers or information kits promoting effective communication strategies highlighting development activities; contribute towards developing new strategies in propagating government SFC, RDSSED and 2013 Constitution related activities utilizing the electronic and print media through press releases, publications (newsletter) and website updates; coordinate with the Department of Information to maximize media coverage of the division’s activities and dissemination of information through media stories, pictures, press conferences, facilitating media interviews etc.; and contribute to the Units’ administration by submitting monthly and quarterly activity reports.

Qualification: A Degree in Journalism/Media/Information Studies or equivalent from a recognised institution with relevant work experience. High standard of written English essential.

Salary: IN03 $23,458 - $29,982
Applications on completed GP 142 Form for the following posts should be addressed to:

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Finance
P O Box 2212
Government Buildings



The Administrative Assistant is responsible to the Director FPO or any of the four managers in Fiji Procurement Office for the provision of administrative and clerical services in order to ensure effective and efficient operations. The incumbent is expected to establish effective administrative support mechanisms to ensure that the administrative functions are up to date, including paper based and electronic filing. He/She should be able to act as a key point of contact and, where appropriate, referring enquiries to the relevant manager or staff member in a helpful and professional manner, manage diary/appointments schedule and incoming telephone calls and monitor the distribution and process of incoming correspondence and other documentation on a daily basis to ensure timely responses. The appointee is expected to maintain working files and ‘bring up’ system documentation, provide word processing services as required including drafting routine correspondence, typing and formatting of documents and proof reading of final documentation, ensure that all official requests, correspondence and documents (e.g. Ministerial and PQs) are logged, distributed, monitored, and responses filed appropriately and research and collate information required for policy and operational development and review. The appointee should be able co-ordinate the collation and dissemination of management reports, arrange travel and accommodation, organize meetings as required, including booking rooms and equipment, ordering catering, distributing meeting papers and taking minutes. The incumbent is expected to have relevant administrative and/or secretarial experience and/or qualifications in office administration or secretarial studies must have a minimum of two years practical experience in an administrative assistant’s role, experience in office administration and bookkeeping procedures, experience in using spreadsheet, word processing and presentation programs such as Microsoft Office and experience in front desk/reception service.

Qualification: A pass in Fiji Seventh Form Examination [FSFE] or equivalent.

Salary: SS05 $12,659 - $19,005
Applications on completed GP 142 Form for the following posts should be addressed to:

The Government Statistician
Fiji Bureau of Statistics
P O Box 2221
Government Buildings



The incumbent will be participating in corporate planning activities as a member of the Senior Executive Forum. Develop a co-ordinated planning and policy process within the Division in consultation with the Government Statistician, Deputy Government Statistician and other Division Heads in order to ensure consistency with overall Departmental objectives. Develop strategic and operational plans for the following Business Units within FBoS; National Accounts, Establishment Surveys, Balance of Payments, International Trade, Prices and Indicators. Contribute to the Bureau’s corporate planning processes and co-ordination and implementation of the Corporate and Business Unit Plans. Monitor shifts in Government policy, direction and initiatives and co-ordinate Bureau service delivery to meet Government requirements. Direct operations of the Division through Business Unit Managers. Undertake executive decision making of a corporate nature through the Senior Executive Forum. Identifying, introducing and monitoring the use of latest international statistical techniques, practices, standards and classifications for use in producing top quality statistical products and services. Liaising with other Divisions, Departments, Statutory Bodies and Private Sector Agencies in determining priorities and in providing appropriate statistical services. Ensure that all working relationships of the Division are defined, understood and accepted and that area of probable conflict are identified and addressed by Business Unit Managers. Direct and support Business Unit Managers in the uses and techniques of data collection and analysis so that Divisional objectives can be achieved. Model high standards of management performance and professional competence for all Divisional staff. Work collaboratively with other Divisional Managers to ensure corporate objectives are met. Maintain a team-based approach to achieving planned outcomes both within the Divisions and between the Divisions and other Business Units, Establish and maintain highly effective workplace relationships and evaluate Business Unit performance, Communicate with other Divisional Managers within the Department to ensure continuous consultation on matters of common interest, effective cross flow of information and effective use of support services. Liaise with and provide advice to external agencies on statistical standards and practices. Consult and negotiate with stakeholders/strategic partners to ensure mutual rewarding partnerships and a client focused organisation. Advice the Government Statistician on broad economic aggregates and indicators the Division produces for assessing the economic performance of the nation. Advise National and International Organisations (including International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Diplomatic Missions and the United Nations) on broad economic aggregates and indicators for the awareness of national and international trends. Measure achievement of the Division to determine whether its contribution is consistent with Bureau’s corporate goals as set out in the Corporate Business Plan. Monitor and evaluate Divisional output and outcomes continuously and report monthly to ensure that set performance indicators and timelines are met. Ensure conformity with International Best Practice standards in preparing statistical reports on completion of economic compilations so that reliable statistics are produced for release. Monitor the operating and capital expenditure of the Division every quarter to ensure allocation according to needs, maximum benefits and expenditure within budget. Plan with Business Unit Managers the effective utilisation of all human and financial resources available to the Division to manage the day to day operation of all Business Units within the Division to produce timely and relevant statistics. Contribute Economic Statistical Data to the Macro Policy Committee.

Qualification: Post Graduate Certificate qualification with an Undergraduate Degree in Official Statistics/ Population & Demography or equivalent from a recognized institution with relevant work experience. The ability to research and analyse statistical information. Assessed potential and ability to contribute in a management role. Ability to manage staff and resources

Salary: SP01 $39,452 - $49,820


The incumbent will assist the Statistician (National Accounts) to plan and organise for results. Manage allocated work with general supervision Collect data from other Government Departments and industry organisations supplying national account data. Carry out Data entry functions tabulate data. Act as a representative of FBoS on the MACRO Forecasting Committee. Liaise with representatives from Government Departments and industry organisations involved in surveys. Represent the Bureau at meetings with Government and industry organisations. Compile Gross Domestic Product by the three Approaches Compile the following: Indicators and Deflators National Accounts worksheets, Check the calculations of figures Analyse and interpret the numbers and recommend for approval, Compile the Supply & Use Tables, Compile the following: Information from survey reports Data to populate worksheets Consults experts for review of estimates or for other queries Implement recommendations of the consultant. Compile Key Statistics Tables Attend to the following: Request for data Tabulate special requests for information. Obtain reasons for significant fluctuations

Qualification: A Degree in relevant discipline or Qualifications required for appointment as a Statistical Officer and at least 2-3 years service in that grade and has relevant statistical training and approved ability to perform and progress beyond Assistant Statistician grade.

Salary: SP04 $19,069 - $24,330


Incumbent will assist the Statistician (Establishment Surveys) to: Organise orderly receipt of survey forms Check on business information received. Carry out background checks of businesses using other information sources. Edit survey forms and capture information. Carry out checks on captured data and make corrections. Follow up on Non – Respondents through phone calls, emails or field visit. Compile data, adjust for non-response and draft reports. Prepare detailed explanation for movements in the industry, Gather relevant industry information, Carry out other duties as specified by the Statistician Establishment Survey. Design the Business Survey Questionnaire, Update and obtain the Business Survey frame, Despatch the business Survey Questionnaires.

Qualification: A Diploma in Accounting and Economics or Economics and Official Statistics or any other statistical training. Qualifications required for appointment as an Assistant Statistician and at least 2-3 years service in that grade and has relevant statistical training and approved ability to perform and progress beyond Statistician grade. Assessed potential and ability to contribute in a management role.

Salary: SP04 $19,069 - $24,330


The incumbent will assist the Statistician (Publication) to: Carry out the Publication strategic plan, Revise of the Publication strategic plan as part of the FBOS annual planning cycle. Plan purchasing strategy for computer consumables Organise and direct implementation of marketing strategies. Identify chargeable activities within the Bureau and develop guidelines for what should and should not be considered as a chargeable activity. Develop collection mechanisms for fee for service activities. Set charges for fee for service activities. Identify potential users of the Bureau’s services and products. Liaise with Ministerial and Departmental representatives regarding their needs for services or products provided by the Bureau. Set standards for FBoS Publications. Co-ordinate printing and distribution of FBoS publications. Direct and support subordinates in the application of marketing principles and publication processes so that the Business Unit’s objectives is achieved. Take responsibility for maintaining and developing the FBoS Internet web site and Intranet service. Manage individual and team performance of Business Unit Staff through the PSC performance management system. Identify and facilitate the development of Business Unit staff competencies in relation to agreed performance expectations.

Qualification: A Diploma in Official Statistics/Information Systems/Marketing or equivalent from a recognised institution with relevant work experience.

Salary: SP04 $19,069 - $24,330


The incumbent will assist the Assistant Statistician in the supervision and control of all statistical data processing work of the Bureau. Take responsibility for projects covering system analysis, design, development, maintenance, implementation and documentation. Apply statistical software for the processing of census and survey data including the creating of data entry screens, data editing, tabulation and documentation and production of reports. Provide technical assistance and professional support to other Business Units in terms of software, hardware and network facilities. Contribute to LAN System administration in resolving LAN problems and continuously organise the resources available on the LAN. Prepare and conduct training on basic MS Office suite of applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Network policies and Data policies. Transfer of backup media to offsite storage. Assist in troubleshooting and maintenance of computer Hardware/Software and network problems. Gather quotations and seek approvals for purchase of computer Accessories/consumables from various computer companies. Setup projectors, Projector Screens, Sound system and communication facilities i.e Skype. Carry out supervisor allocated duties.

Qualification: A Diploma in Information System/Computer Science or equivalent from a recognized institution. Statistics/Population & Demography or equivalent from a recognised institution

Salary: SP05 $12,659 - $19,005


The incumbent will assist the Assistant Statistician (Establishment Survey): To plan and organize for results. To manage allocated work. In Designing the Business Survey Questionnaire. In updating and obtaining the Business Survey Frame. In the Despatch of the Questionnaires. In following up on non – responding Establishments through phone calls and emails. In the Conduct of Fieldwork to visit non- responding Establishments. In Editing the Survey Questionnaires. In Data Entry. In the tabulation, checking and editing of data. In drafting the survey reports.

Qualification: A Certificate in Accounting and Economics or Economics and Official Statistics or any other statistical training

Salary: SP05 $12,659 - $19,005
Applications on completed GP 142 Form for the following posts should be addressed to:

The Commissioner of Police
Fiji Police Force
P O Box 239,


494/2015 SECRETARY (CID)

Attend to the secretarial functions for the office of the Dir CID including: taking dictations and transcribing from shorthand, providing support services to management unit and providing typing duties according to the needs and priorities. Assist in the maintenance of records, files, etc. of the unit and maintain confidentiality of contents; making arrangements and appointments for the Dir CID. Maintain effective lines of communication and build up good working relationships within the unit, with other units, with internal and external secretaries and typists for collective achievement of the unit objectives. Maintain a clean, healthy, safe and productive working environment, comply with OHS policy at workplace, contribute to the professional and personal development of other staff in the unit and contribute to other administrative functions of the unit. Maintain an up to date knowledge of secretarial functions, operational and administrative policies, guidelines and procedures; modern typing techniques and procedures, and the effective uses of physical resources (telephones/machines/office facility/equipment / stationery /etc.) at the unit’s disposal.

Qualification: A Diploma in Secretarial Studies/Office Administration or equivalent from a recognized institution with 60wpm typing speed on manual typewriter or 70wpm typing speed on electronic/electric typewriter with relevant work experience. Word processing knowledge and Computer Management skills are essential. Shorthand skill is advantageous.

Salary: SS04 $19,069 - $24,330
For further enquiries of advertised vacancies please contact the respective Post Processing Managers of Ministries and Department.

However should you require additional information do not hesitate to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or telephone Mrs. Uma Prasad on 3314588 ext 292 of the Public Service Commission.
Items for publication in the next issue of the Fiji Public Service Official Circular should reach the Commission as follows:

Circular dated : 30/09/2015
Before noon : 15/09/2015
Circular dated : 15/10/2015
Before noon : 30/09/2015

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